The Best Room Furnishing Ideas For Home

Are Curtains an Important Aspect of Room Decor or just a place to be covered for privacy and luminance control with a fabric!

There are various ways by which one can decorate a room with custom bedding and window treatments. But it is not always one ends up reflecting ones personality and lifestyle to the room.

Room decoration involves few important factors when it comes to furnishings of the room.

  • Type Of Room
  • Room size
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting of the room
  • Furniture placement
  • Theme of the Room
  • People staying in the particular room & many more

Window treatment – If one has a big and grand bedroom with huge windows he/she can go for roman customised blind with sheer and valance curtains to enhance the grandness of the room.
If the room is of a standard size one should always opt for roman blind which makes the room neat and clean with all the furniture intact at its place and makes the room look big not crunched up with double curtains popping out of the walls and make the room look even smaller filled with furniture and curtains.
For window treatments it is really important to understand the ventilation of the rooms, what kind of furniture is below or around the window, what intensity of lighting is coming in through the windows, what is the theme and style of room and what kind of people are going to use the room. All these factors sums up and results in giving functionality and personality to the room.

Custom bedding – Bedding just doesn’t comply to only bedsheets or pillow covers, It has a lot more in it…

To plan a bedding layout of a room it is necessary to understand the usage of the room is by what generation of people and which room is it exactly.

For a Master bedroom the bedding layout must have a bed runner on bed sheet, a customized bed cover with a combination of euro shams, king pillows, and lumbers designed customized in a way to reflect ones lifestyle and personality along with comfort and warmth to the room.

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